Course Description

Trailers are the unsung heroes of work -- from hauling construction materials to the jobsite, hauling material around the farm, or hauling our favorite toys to the places we want to go so we can have fun doing things we love to do.  Whether your customers are hauling a boat to the lake for some weekend fun, taking a side-by-side for a run on the trails, or moving equipment to a jobsite to make a living, they need trailer tires that are up to the task.  

Our customers have invested so much into what they're hauling, make sure they know how to haul safely. Reviewing these safety tips with your customers means they can haul whatever they want, wherever they want, and know they can get there safely -- and more importantly, get home safely -- by following the safety tips found in this course.  

The Carlstar Group

The Carlstar Group is headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee and is a global manufacturer of original equipment and aftermarket specialty tires and wheels for the agricultural, construction, outdoor power equipment, power sports, high-speed trailer and flat free/manual markets. The diverse portfolio of solutions are offered under several leading brands including Carlisle® tires and wheels, ITP® tires and wheels, as well as Cragar®, Black Rock® and Unique® wheels and Marastar® flat free and manual tires.The Carlstar Group employs 3,000 associates in 16 facilities located in four countries. The Carlstar Group has created a culture of converting great ideas into advanced products and has created a legacy of excellence in product innovation, quality and customer service. For more about The Carlstar Group, visit

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Importance of High Speed Trailer Tires

    • The Importance of High Speed Trailer Tires

  • 2

    Why Buy a Specialty Trailer Tire?

    • How is a trailer tire different than a passenger or light truck tire?

  • 3

    Bias versus Radial Trailer Tires

    • What is the difference between bias and radial trailer tires?

  • 4

    Trailer Tire Sidewall Information

    • What information can I find on a trailer tire sidewall?

  • 5

    Proper Tire Inflation

    • Why should I check the air pressure in my trailer tires?

  • 6

    Know What You Tow

    • What do I need to know before I tow?

  • 7

    Safety Checklist

    • How can I make sure I tow safely?

    • Trailer Tips - Safety Checklist

  • 8

    Storing Trailer Tires

    • What is the best way to store trailer tires?

  • 9

    When to Replace a Trailer Tire

    • How do I know when to replace a trailer tire?